Emsculpt Miami

Emsculpt Miami

You can spend hours in the gym every day and avoid all your favorite foods without getting the body that you want. While some people can eat anything they want and have a rocking body, others need to diet and exercise to get in shape. Genetics and other factors can leave behind spots that don’t look as good as they should and spots where fatty deposits cling. Thanks to Emsculpt and Miami Medical Spa, you can get the amazing body that you want.

Sculpting Basics

The easiest way to see how this procedure works is when you think about sculpting. When you hold a lump of clay in your hands, you can mold it into any shape that you want. While this procedure is a little different, the basic concept is the same. It lets the doctor mold your body and create the amazing sculpted body that you want. If you don’t want to do thousands of crunches every month to get rid of your love handles or fatty midsection, make an appointment to talk with us. We make it easy to get the lean and sculpted muscles that you desire without daily trips to the gym.

More Than the Midsection

Though many patients assume that this non surgical procedure only works on the midsection, it is suitable for other areas of the body too. Let’s say that you use the stairclimber at the gym and do exercises that target your butt. You may find that you still have a butt that doesn’t look good in jeans. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of this procedure. The FDA approved this treatment for both the butt and midsection, including your:

  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Arms

What Does it Feel Like?

Another question that we get is from interested patients who worry that the procedure is painful. You do not need an anesthetic that puts you to sleep or an IV that runs into your vein when you choose body contouring. Once you change into clothing that lets us reach your muscles, you can lay down and choose a comfortable position. The applicator paddle produces vibrations that you can both feel and hear. Some felt a slight pressure on their bodies, but most felt almost nothing. The vibrations are similar to those you feel coming from your cell phone.

What is Emsculpt?

This is a body contouring procedure designed to improve the way your body looks and how you feel about it. Unlike other procedures that remove fat from the body, this one focuses on the muscle groups that you want to change. While you can opt for sessions that target your calves or buttocks, you can also sign up for treatments that focus on larger muscle groups. Anyone who wants a better body can benefit from the treatment. When you choose the MiamiMedicalSpa, you have the chance to ask questions before undergoing any type of contouring.

A common question that prospective patients ask is how long each session lasts. You may worry that you need to take too much time off work or that you need to find a sitter for your kids. No matter which applicator or treatment you choose, you’ll attend sessions that last for only 30 minutes. You probably spend more time than that just getting ready in the morning. We recommend that you sign up for at least three sessions to make sure that you get the results you want. Most take a minimum of two days off between each session, but you can schedule your appointments three days apart too.

How is Emsculpt Performed?

This is a unique procedure that relies on the use of electromagnets. Using electromagnetic therapy allows the doctor to target the specific muscle groups that you want to improve. The therapy forces the muscles to expand and contract in the same way that they would during a workout. Though it doesn’t cause any pain, it changes the way your muscles respond to stimuli. As the muscles adjust to those new movements, they begin stronger and more toned. This is one of the only sculpting procedures that provides patients with benefits both during their sessions and when they leave our facility.

When you come in and talk with us about the ways to restore your beauty, we’ll talk about your applicator choices. A small applicator lets us target the smallest muscle groups in your body. Many people want to improve the muscle tone in their arms and calves but have a hard time finding exercises that focus on those groups. The small applicator lets us focus on one arm or leg at a time. During one session, those muscles will expand and contract up to 20,000 times. We can use a small applicator when contouring other smaller muscle groups too.

With the small applicator, you can get in a comfortable position such as laying on your stomach or back before we put the applicator in place. You can choose from just as many positions if you opt for the large applicator. This is the best choice for those who want to tone a large area and those who want to improve their entire bodies. We’ll use this type when working on your midsection/stomach. Though you may feel as though you completed an intense workout at the end of your session, you can simply lay down and relax as we do the hard work.

A new option for those wondering about this non surgical procedure is the chair applicator. Also called the Core to Floor treatment, it essentially targets every muscle group from your core to your pelvic floor. This may improve your posture and help you walk better while also reducing leg and back pain. Many find that the chair applicator is more comfortable than other types of applicators. It allows you to take a seat and relax until the end of your session. Call us at MiamiMedicalSpa to see which applicator is best for you based on the results that you want to see.

How Long Do Emsculpt Miami Sessions Last?

Is There an Emsculpt Downtime?

We know that you’re busy and may not have as much free time as you might like, which is why we try to get you in and out as soon as possible. You have the chance to change clothing before coming into the treatment room where you will find that we have the applicator ready to go. Most sessions take only 30 minutes and have no downtime. Many of our patients found that they could go right back to work after a session or meet their friends for lunch.

Emsculpt Benefits

Are you tired of spending long hours at the gym and still not seeing the results that you expected? Now might be the time to call us and schedule an Emsculpt Miami treatment. Approved by the FDA to specifically target the muscle groups in the calves, midsection and other areas, it provides results that some see after just one session. You do not need to take a day off work or worry about handling your other obligations because each session lasts for only 30 minutes and has no associated downtime.

Get the Emsuclpt results that you want from Miami Medical Spa. We offer a choice of applicator types and appointment times that work around your schedule. Our friendly staff will make you feel relaxed and comfortable too. Call today if you have questions about how Emsculpt works and the benefits of the procedure or if you want to make an appointment to restore your beauty.

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