ThermiVa Miami

ThermiVa Miami

As you age, you might notice that your body goes through changes, including some that you didn’t expect. While you probably expect to see some fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you don’t expect to see loose skin around your vagina. The human body naturally produces collagen, which keeps the skin tight and makes it look youthful. As you move through the aging process, you’ll find that your vagina isn’t as firm or tight as it once was. ThermiVa is a non surgical procedure designed to help vaginal skin and give women back their confidence.

What is ThermiVa?

The biggest question that you’ll likely have is about the procedure itself, including what it is and how it works. This is the first treatment of its kind approved by the FDA that uses radio-frequency. It uses a handpiece called an applicator, which is only 0.5-inches wide. The active tip on the end uses that frequency to gently tighten the skin on your vagina without causing any discomfort. More than 130,000 women sought this treatment since it became available in 2016.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Before calling Miami Medical Spa to schedule ThermiVa Miami treatments, you may want to know how long it will take for you to see results. This procedure consists of three treatments that we schedule over three months. You’ll have your first treatment after your consultation. You can then schedule your next three appointments or schedule your first and take care of the other two later. Not only goes this procedure help with vaginal tightening, but it can restore the look of the entire vagina.

How to Tell if You Have Loose Vaginal Tissue

You do not need to use a mirror to examine your vagina to determine if you have loose tissue in and around your genitals. Many women find that the loose tissue interferes with their ability to use the restroom. You may find that you need to use the bathroom quite often. It’s also possible that you may feel the need to urinate but you cannot or that you constantly feel the urge to pee. Loose vaginal tissue can also lead to frequent urinary tract or bladder infections.

Are You a Good Candidate?

A simple way to determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure is with a look at who doctors recommend choose it. Millions of women around the world can enjoy the benefits of it, including those who:

  • Notice loose vaginal skin after having a baby
  • Suffer from vaginitis
  • Deal with bladder problems while in menopause or postmenopause
  • Struggle with incontinence
  • Do not want to take or cannot take hormones

Many women love this treatment because it uses no hormones. You don’t need to worry about having mood swings or any of the other problems associated with hormonal treatments.

What is the ThermiVa Downtime?

Certain options for treating vaginal skin and tissue require a lot of time. Not only do you need to prepare yourself for the procedure, but you may need to spend some time resting at home. This non- invasive procedure has no downtime. All you need to worry about is getting undressed before your appointment. Once the doctor finishes, you can grab your clothes and go right back to your life. Many of our patients even go right back to work after a session. You’ll feel strong enough to pick up your kids from school or run errands too.

How Long Does it Take?

When you visit Miami Medical Spa, you’ll find that each treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes. You may need to spend a few minutes in the waiting room until your appointment, but you can then change into something more comfortable and relax in the office while a trained doctor performs the procedure. Though some doctors offer treatments every six months, we found that a three-month process provides better results and more benefits. During each appointment, you can get in and out of our office in less than 45 minutes.

Does it Hurt?

A big reason why women opt for vaginal rejuvination is that they want to please themselves and their partners. Whether you have loose tissue and skin due to a difficult pregnancy or your age, you can get help. Tightening the tissue may help you feel more pleasure during sexual encounters and make your significant other feel better too. You do not need to worry about whether the procedure hurts though. Radiofrequency treatment does not cause any pain. Patients feel comfortable enough that they can talk or play on a cell phone during the treatment.

What are the Benefits of ThermiVa?

The benefits of ThermiVa include helping restore your confidence. Loose vaginal tissue can leave you feeling embarrassed when you have an intimate encounter with someone special and leave you worrying about having an accident at work or while in your car. Many women like that it does not require any complex tools or anesthesia also. While similar treatments put you under and leave you feeling groggy for a few hours or longer, a ThermiVa Miami treatment uses just the applicator and a soft radio frequency that lets you relax and stay both alert and awake. As it uses no hormones, you won’t experience any harmful side effects either.

What is a ThermiVa Side Effect?

Though ThermiVa treatments pose few risks, you may suffer from one or more side effects. A small number of women reported inflammation or redness around their vaginas. The redness is generally more of a soft pink than a deep red and goes away within a few hours. If you experience any swelling, it should resolve on its own by the following day. Some women also claimed that their vaginal skin felt tight for a few days after the procedure or that they noticed some mild discomfort. You can talk to the doctor about potential side effects and any other concerns that you have.

Why Have Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The biggest reason to opt for this treatment is that it gives you back your confidence. Having urinary accidents when you’re away from home can prevent you from living your best life and make you want to spend even more time at home. You may find that you put off your significant other because intercourse either causes some pain or you don’t want your partner to see your loose tissue. As the ThermiVa downtime is so small, you can schedule an appointment for the morning before a special night and feel comfortable with someone you love. This treatment may give you back your old life.

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With ThermiVa Miami treatments, you have an easy way to restore your vaginal tissue and skin. Many women do not realize the effects that aging has on their bodies until they start seeing some of those changes. As your body slows down its production of collagen, you’ll find that your skin isn’t as bouncy or tight as it once was. This is one of the only treatments suitable for both older women and those who had vaginal births. While your skin will rebound after having a baby, it may not be as tight as you want. If you live in or near Miami, Florida and believe that rejuvenation is the best option for you, call us to schedule an appointment. At Miami Medical Spa, you’ll find health care professionals and friendly faces ready to assist you. Call with any questions that you have about ThermiVa or if you want to schedule your first appointment to restore your body and confidence.

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