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Living in Miami lets you head to the beach whenever you want and enjoy some of the hottest clubs and restaurants in the world. It can also leave you feeling a little self-conscious about the way you look though due to the hot bodies that you see every day. If you have concerns about your skin tone and worry about the signs of aging, call MiamiMedicalSpa today. We offer thermal treatments that can restore your skin to a more youthful appearance and even make it look younger. It’s easy to find out about these treatments and how they can help you before you make an appointment.

What are Thermage Treatments?

The biggest thing that keeps your skin looking natural and healthy is collagen. Located between the layers of skin are collagen strands that give the skin a bouncy look and some elasticity. As you age, your body produces less collagen and will eventually stop producing it, which is why your skin doesn’t rebound the way it once did. Thermage is a procedure that uses radiofrequency to target the layers of your skin that have collagen. The frequency increases the temperature of those layers and provides enough heat that it forces the body to release more collagen. With regular treatments, many patients find that their skin improves significantly.

Who Benefits from Thermage Treatments?

Anyone interested in skin rejuvenation can benefit from these treatments. It is one of the best treatments for those concerned with the fine lines and wrinkles that they see on their faces. Not only can it help with wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks, but it also works on the age spots you might have on your neck and wrinkles on your chin. The FDA approved it as a treatment for those struggling with acne scars too. If you thought about having a facelift or brow lift before but were worried about surgical options, you’ll find that this treatment provides some of the same benefits.

Seeing Results Now and Later

When you opt for a traditional facelift, you need to spend several days up to a week or longer at home as you recover. A thermal face lift takes much less time and doesn’t have as long of recovery time. Most patients see some small improvements after one treatment and more visible improvements within the next two to six months. The changes that you see can last for a full year after your treatment. Some patients had results that lasted for two years also. Working with your doctor allows you to decide if you want to have any other treatments done at the same time. One of the top reasons why patients book thermal treatments Miami appointments is that they notice big changes after one treatment.

How Soon Can You Resume Your Normal Activities?

Comparing different types of facial contouring procedures will show you that some have a long downtime. The Thermage downtime is much shorter because the doctor will not inject anything into your skin or give you any type of anesthetic. You typically do not need to take time off work and can schedule an appointment in the middle of the day. Once you leave our office, you can finish out a day at work or spend some time at home. We recommend that you continue following your regular skincare routine and that you wear sunscreen when you’re in the sun.

Is Thermal Tightening Suitable for Everyone?

Those who opt for facelifts and similar procedures need to be in generally good health and meet other guidelines before having surgery. You do not need to jump through as many hoops to have this tightening procedure done. Many patients choose it when they see the signs of aging and tried other treatments that didn’t work. This includes those who are in at least their late 30s. Many of our patients are in their 50s or older. You’re a good candidate for Thermal options if you:

  • Want a quick way to reduce age spots
  • Have a tight schedule
  • Can follow our simple directions at home
  • Want to tackle problem spots on your face and other areas
  • Experience any symptoms associated with collagen loss

Will it Hurt?

Choosing a non surgical procedure lets you avoid needles and the pain that they can cause. This procedure uses a system that produces vibrations as it moves across your skin. As soon as the tip touches your face, you’ll feel those vibrations that can then move through your body. Most patients say it produces a tingling sensation. The system also uses cold temperatures to reduce your discomfort. You should not experience any pain during your session.

Possible Side Effects

Before choosing this type of non-surgical skin tightening procedure, make sure that you understand the possible side effects. The most common side effect is inflammation. Many patients found that their skin swelled slightly in the first hours after the treatment and that they continued noticing swelling the following day. You only need to worry about the inflammation if it persists for longer than 24 hours. Some patients also notice redness around where they had the treatment done. That redness should go away within 24 hours too.

What Thermal Benefits Should You Know?

Among the benefits of Thermage include that it works well on most body parts. Though many patients come to us because of saggy and loose facial skin, we see patients with age spots on their necks and chests too. It is even suitable for those struggling with scars and wrinkles on their stomachs, knees, calves and arms. The only reason we would not recommend this treatment is if you are currently pregnant. Even if you have a newborn and nurse your child, you can opt for Thermage because it does not use an anesthetic that can affect your breast milk.

How Long Do Thermal Treatments Take?

At Miami Medical Spa, we will take the time to talk to you about how you want to restore your beauty and your problem spots. This helps us determine how long your session will last. Those who want to target small spots on their faces or necks may find that they only need 20-minute treatments. If you want to target deeper scars caused by acne or deeper lines and wrinkles, you may spend as much as an hour in our office. As this is a non surgical procedure, we will not take blood. You do not need to fast the night before or skip breakfast either. Patients usually receive anti-inflammatory medication before the procedure to reduce swelling and discomfort. Though you may want to take an over the counter medication later, most patients do not need any medications because they do not feel any pain after the procedure.

Change Your Life with Miami Medical Spa

Miami Medical Spa is your top choice for anti-aging treatments in the Miami area. We have skilled and trained doctors working in our office who want to help you look your best and feel better than you ever did before. Thermal options use temperature and radiofrequency to change your skin from the inside to the outside. It takes only one session to see big results too. These treatments naturally increase the collagen found in your skin and provide results that you can see for months. Though you don’t need to do anything special before thermal treatments Miami appointments, you do need to call and schedule your first session. Call today to see how quickly we can get you into our office to help you take advantage of this treatment approved by the FDA.

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